Writing Songs With Students

Reasons to Write Songs

Song Writing to Build Community

In order to build a classroom community, students need to have fun, shared experiences to build upon. Classroom song writing is an excellent way to build a community of trust and fun (While learning writing skills!).

 Song Writing for Writing Fluency

Song writing allows students to write to a new type of genre. While they won’t often be expected to write song lyrics for assessments, what they learn during song writing about word choice and voice will carry over to other writing assignments.

Song Writing For Syllable Mastery     Children working together to write songs

Song writing gives students an excellent mastery of identifying syllables without the use of tedious worksheets. First, students can look at songs they are singing and break them into syllables. Then, when writing songs, students will need to fit phrases with the correct number of syllables into the lines.

Song Writing For Summarizing and Synthesizing

This is probably the biggest benefit of using song writing in the classroom. In order to write about a topic, students will first need to learn the content thoroughly. This format forces students to evaluate what information is the most important to be included in the song. Students will also study the vocabulary and choose the most important terms. Through the creation of lyrics, students will synthesize the content into a new form which will show their deep learning of information.

Check out my book, Lessons From Lyrics, for detailed directions about how to write song lyrics with students. Also included are templates for writing songs.

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