Short Vowels

Writing Short Vowel Songs With Students

contentSongs are a great way to increase reading fluency, even at the word level. One activity that students love is writing their own short vowel songs. All of the songs in this section feature the tune of Bingo for consistency.

First, try out these sample short vowel songs.
Singing these example songs is a great way to introduce this activity.

Now, students are ready to try their own songs. There are endless ways to do this activity, and it is easily adaptable to many levels. I start by giving students a song writing template. We then fill in the letter sound we are working on together. This is a great chance to review the sound the letter makes. Next spread out your word cards facedown. Have students take turns picking up a card, reading the card and placing the word card into the song template. Use your own wordcards or try out my short vowel wordcards. When all of the spaces are filled, sing the song together. Repeat the song several times to build fluency.

Ways to adapt this activity:

  • Have students fill in their own copies of the template as the word cards are picked for writing practice.
  • Use this activity at a learning center for small group or independent practice.
  • Have students think of their own words that fit the letter pattern.
  • Write a song about more than one vowel.
  • Keep copies of songs created and use them for repeated reading practice. They could also be used for timed readings.

After students are comfortable with this activity I add the “clapping cards” for added fun. These cards are mixed in with the regular deck of word cards. These cards can be found with my short vowel cards. When this card is drawn students clap their hands when they come to this spot in the song instead of saying a word.

Click here to download short vowel cards as a PDF!

Click here download song writing template as a PDF!

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