Multiply by 4

Teach and review the multiplying by four facts with this song. The PDF below includes a version without the products so that students can add them for extra practice. Looking for more multiplication songs which also practice reading and fluency? Check out my book, Lessons From Lyrics for a complete set!

Click here for a print ready version of this song!

Multiply by 4Kids-Excited-About-Math

Tune: Do You Know the Muffin Man?

1 times 4 is 4, there’s more!
2 times 4 will equal 8.
3 times 4 will equal 12.
4 times 4 is 16!

5 times 4 equals 20.
6 times 4 is 24.
7 times 4 is 28.
8 times 4’s 32!

9 times four is 36.
10 times 4 equals 40.
11 times 4 is 44.
12 times 4’s 48!


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