Adding 4

Practice learning the addition facts through songs! These songs can be copied and sent home with students for practice or used as a daily warm-up to facts practice. Click on the PDF below for a copier ready version of the adding 4 song. Also, the PDF includes a version of the song with the sums missing so that they can be filled in by students.

Click here for a PDF of both versions of the song!

Adding 4 Song Kids-Excited-About-Math

Tune: La Cucaracha 

1 plus 4 is 5.
2 plus 4 is 6.
3 plus 4 equals 7.
4 plus 4 is 8.
5 plus 4 is 9.
6 plus 4 will equal 10! (cha, cha, cha)

7 plus 4’s 11.
8 plus 4 is 12.
9 plus 4 equals 13.
10 plus 4’s 14.
11 plus 4’s 15.
12 plus 4 equals 16! (cha, cha, cha)

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