Singing With Students

Reasons to Sing Songs in the Classroom

Singing for Motivation

Singing in the classroom is fun at any age, provided it is presented in an upbeat, relaxed manner. Singing is a great way to introduce or provide closure for a lesson. Most importantly, it is fun for students and builds classroom community.

Singing for Fluency Practice

Repeated readings are one of the best ways to improve reading fluency. Songs can be an excellent source for repeated reading material. Once songs are introduced, they can be a part of your daily fluency routine in the classroom.

Singing to Learn Content Informationchildren reading a song book

With so much pressure to fit extra reading and math instruction into the day, students spend less and less time with science and social studies. Try choosing science and social studies songs that teach content information. Students will practice their reading and fluency skills while mastering science and social studies standards.

Singing to Memorize Information

Let’s face it, memorizing facts can be monotonous for both students and teachers. Songs provide a catchy and fun way for students to remember information. Songs can be copied and sent home for students to practice at home. Parents will be happy to have a new fun way to study information.

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