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Down By the Bay

In honor of Earth Day next week, I am posting a new song about preserving and protecting our bays. Click here to check it out! Since I live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the original version of the song focuses on this bay. However, it can easily be adapted with to your own bay. On the song page I have a version with blanks for the bay name. I have always loved the song Down By the Bay, and it was such a great fit as a piggyback tune for this new song. I would love to hear the new verses your students create for this song. If you are looking for more Earth Day resources, check out their official site here,   Happy singing! -Elizabeth


Fluency Song

Although the purpose of all of the songs on this website are to improve fluency while teaching content, I thought it would be fun to add a song solely focused on fluency. You can find this new song here! It reminds students the key components of fluent reading and reinforces the importance of reading everyday. Happy singing!

Paragraphs Song

Writing paragraphs is often difficult for elementary students. The song I added today can help children remember the key parts of a paragraph. Click here to find the paragraph song! I like to have students sing or chant the poem before they start writing so that they remember what is expected. It is easy to tweak the tune and add in the number of sentences you are requiring for a particular project. Some classes of students also enjoy adding their own hand or body motions to the song to help them remember the paragraph parts. (This makes the song silly and lots of fun to sing!)

Student Written State Songs

After my last post about writing basic short vowel songs with students, I wanted to show you how  students can write their own songs using a lyric template in the upper elementary grades. Please check out my page about student written state songs to learn how to use a song template with your students. This lesson will allow them to practice summarizing, writing, cooperative learning, and fluency, in addition to learning content information about their state. Happy singing!


Student Written Short Vowel Songs

Today I am going to start sharing some ways to use songs when working at a more basic level in reading. I have often used songs to increase reading fluency, even at the word level. Word fluency work begins with CVC words, so I will be sharing some short vowel songs that you can try with your students. The songs and activities can be found under the reading and language arts tab in the song lyrics section. There is one song for each of the vowels to get you started. Also, I’ll show you how to create your own short vowel songs using a song template and word cards which will have students actively involved. This is a great reading group activity, and I’ll explain how you can turn this into a game for even more fun. Happy singing!

The Food Plate

While glancing around the internet looking for new, healthy recipes for my toddler, I came across the website It has lots of great resources for eating healthy, and I started thinking about a song that would help students remember the categories on the food plate. I can remember part of a song about the good old food pyramid from my own elementary days, and I started playing around with a new version. I hope you and your students enjoy this new song, the food plate, located in the science songs section. Under the song, I have a version with blanks which students can fill in with their own examples of foods from each group. I’d love to hear other ways that you teach about the food plate. Happy singing!

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