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All Songs Updated!

All songs have now been updated with background information and PDFs of song lyrics. I hope that you enjoy using the PDFs as an easy way to print out song lyrics for your students or for use on smartboards.

Math and Reading Songs

I’m happy to say that ALL math and reading songs now have printer-ready PDF links on each song page. Additionally, I have added more information about how to use many of the songs. I will be working to complete the science and social studies song PDF links soon. Happy Singing! -Elizabeth

Down By the Bay

In honor of Earth Day next week, I am posting a new song about preserving and protecting our bays. Click here to check it out! Since I live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the original version of the song focuses on this bay. However, it can easily be adapted with to your own bay. On the song page I have a version with blanks for the bay name. I have always loved the song Down By the Bay, and it was such a great fit as a piggyback tune for this new song. I would love to hear the new verses your students create for this song. If you are looking for more Earth Day resources, check out their official site here,   Happy singing! -Elizabeth


Fluency Song

Although the purpose of all of the songs on this website are to improve fluency while teaching content, I thought it would be fun to add a song solely focused on fluency. You can find this new song here! It reminds students the key components of fluent reading and reinforces the importance of reading everyday. Happy singing!

Paragraphs Song

Writing paragraphs is often difficult for elementary students. The song I added today can help children remember the key parts of a paragraph. Click here to find the paragraph song! I like to have students sing or chant the poem before they start writing so that they remember what is expected. It is easy to tweak the tune and add in the number of sentences you are requiring for a particular project. Some classes of students also enjoy adding their own hand or body motions to the song to help them remember the paragraph parts. (This makes the song silly and lots of fun to sing!)